True Blue is all about being true and trustworthy. We pride ourselves on our high quality products, made by skilled artisans and craftspeople throughout Asia.  For us, sustainability means working with natural untreated materials and buying materials and products directly from the people who make them.

We research the materials, the skills and the people that make our products. We meet the families, the people in villages and learn about their lives and skills to share this experience with our customers.  We want our customers to feel the pride that goes into the making of each and every product. 

True Blue started in 2015 with a collection of Indigo dyed products from China. In 2018 we are introducing a broader collection of products from other parts of Asia: indigo textiles from Vietnam, handmade ceramics from Vietnam, natural fiber baskets, bags, lamps and carpets from Vietnam and Indonesia and silk and embroidery from Vietnam.